The key factors influencing the plastic color

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1, the concentrated pigment

Compared with the traditional one of toner pigment concentration pigment has many advantages. Concentrated pigment granule could flow freely, and there is no dust, can make working environment more clean and more safety. Its decentralized, add the accuracy and the consistency between batches is significantly better than toner. Concentrated pigment, meanwhile, also gives small production flexibility, improve the production efficiency.

2, the pigments of the right choice

When choosing paint according to the purpose, the type of polymer and the characteristics of the final product. Is it necessary to refer to factors such as weather or heat absorbing performance? Whether the final product is used for food? Color the role of the how to: use of color is the need of design or as a symbol of the brand, or to facilitate the rapid and convenient identification? Whether or not to protect the function of the product, or you need to like pearl, metallic, fog, fluorescence and phosphorescence kind of special effects? All these factors will be taken into consideration.

3, pigment dispersion

To make the final product to achieve the perfect, flawless, even color shading effect depends on whether the pigment disperse completely in machining process, uniform.

4, create a color

Perfect match colors should not only depend on the knowledge and experience on the color is, more should use some complex analysis instrument, spectrophotometer can be accurately to identify the color, and can use a computer for color matching, because the store tens of thousands of kinds of color formula.

5, rheology

Refers to a polymer rheology in injection molding machine and extruder of liquidity. Each polymer has its inherent flow performance, but liquidity is also affected by other environmental factors, including the processing mode, mixing process and the use of additives and fillers. Colorant to join also affect liquidity.

6, the influence of the stain

In some time, the join of the colorant will affect the machining process. Luckily the Dutch color company can provide a 'neutral' colorants, stable liquid. Different color can also cause changes of polymer liquid. However, we can through change the coloring performance to ensure that no matter what color you want, polymer's popularity will remain the same, and don't change process.

7, control of viscosity

Some plastics processing technology requires a certain range of viscosity liquid colorants. As a result of our printing ink viscosity can be controlled within a certain peripheral products, plastic processing factory that gives a lot of competitive advantage.

8, coloring phase

In the process of production and processing of colorant can in different stages were added to polymer. Manufacturer may be at the primary stage of processing containing polymer as the carrier of the colorant added, however, for the low melting point and do not contain polymer as a carrier of colorants for ways you can use the 'online' added, so that we can achieve the best dispersing effect.

9, add the accuracy

The accuracy of the add for the final effect is very important. For a high concentration of coloring liu very tiny fluctuations can cause unexpected color deviation. So, add the instrument of choice is also very important.

10, diversity of product form

Due to the diversity of our products so we can develop according to customer's actual situation conform to the requirements of the manufacturer is the actual environment and final product of color solutions. Products include in the form of liquid and solid.