Pigment of the definition and purpose

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    Pigment is a kind of fine powder of non-ferrous material, it does not dissolve in water or oil medium, and can disperse evenly in the medium, apply object surface color layer, presents a certain color. Paint should have proper covering power, tinting strength, high dispersion, bright color and light stability, etc. According to the source can be divided into natural pigments and pigment synthesis.

The difference between the pigment and dye is: dye dissolves in medium, and make the dyed goods all dyeing; And paint insoluble in medium, can only make object surface color.

   Paint coating is indispensable in the process of producing raw material, it can make the coating have ability to cover, adding color and protection, so as to make up for the defect of paint, not only that, a material in the coating, can also enhance the strength of the film itself, due to prevent ultraviolet penetration, thus pigment also prompted the anti aging effect of the coating. A variety of different pigments, have a variety of different purposes.

   Pigments in the paint industry, it besides giving film color and cover for performance, and enhance the durability of the paint film, weather resistance, wear resistance and other properties.

   Antirust pigment mainly is to prevent metal rust, in the atmosphere, especially the damp environment or other corrosive gases under the condition of iron and steel rusty corrode very easily, but severe cases can lead to structure damage, can't even use. To prevent metal rust, many methods, such as enamel, electroplating, etc., which USES coating is a kind of relatively simple methods. Common anti-rust performance good pigment varieties are: red lead zinc, iron oxide red, yellow, calcium barium metaborate, silver, yellow, etc.

   In addition according to the coating using the object or use medium is different, you can choose to have - different pigments, such as lead acid calcium, aluminum powder, yellow l can be used as high temperature resistant paint application, like Marine antifouling paint can choose mercuric oxide and cuprous oxide used as antifouling, etc.

   Temperature indicating paint (that is, the reversible change color pigments) can be used to make thermopaint, used to measure the motor, engine and other difficult to directly measure temperature of the machine to see its temperature changes.

   Light luminous pigments and fluorescent pigments, mainly used in the defence or instrument calibration and various special marking purposes, and the gold and silver powder also can make the coated objects to elegant, shine day.

   Pigments in other industrial department, use face is also great, such as the printing industry, rubber industry, plastics industry, synthetic fiber industry, paper industry, thus it can be seen, the pigment has extensive USES.